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Saviours of the Skin

I am a strong believer in that everyones skin is totally different and that their is probably no definite way of finding what works without trying it yourself…especially during pregnancy however these have been my absolute saviours - not just in terms of treatment for stretch marks but also to help prevention. These products also provided nourishment for my skin which had been extremely up and down the whole way through and needed more moisture than ever before, calming oils for soothing my skin when its been eczema-ridden and itchy as hell as well as safe natural ingredients for balancing my preggo skin.


Saviours of the Body

I’m not usually a fan of baths however a bath with these oils and salts were the only thing that helped me relieve achey muscles and ligaments! I also tried yoga and light exercise to help my incredible body do what it needed to in order to house my little human. Getting down to the gym and finding classes suitable for me without spending a fortune proved difficult so I did a lot of work outs at home using youtube videos from my fav - BodyFit By Amy. When I did venture down to the gym I completed TRX workouts , steady cardio on the treadmill and swim/aqua work outs. I also completed workouts and positions / exercises as recommended by my physiotherapist using a fitness ball.


Saviours of Comfort

Finding nursing bras that didn’t look like it was from the 1950’s and comfortable underwear during pregnancy was something I found really difficult! These were the best I could find and are all really comfy and I still wear them now! I bought a cheap body shaper (below) not to desperately hide my stomach but to feeling secure and comfortable after child birth. It’s also really handy when breastfeeding as its super stretchy and I can keep my tummy covered.