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Is the 21st Century Consumer, Research Obsessed?!

Imagine going to a restaurant or booking a holiday without checking reviews and scouring websites beforehand. Sounds like a foreign concept to us in this day and age. Well, that used to be the reality! I remember my Dad telling me about a time when he booked a holiday to Corfu, only to turn up and see the hotel was nothing like what it looked in the brochure.

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MLSNCLR x Convertaroo - UGC: Let your customers do the talking

This is a great article that I wrote for our partner company Convertaroo all about how User-Generated Content can develop your brand, grow your business and change your whole marketing strategy by putting your customers at the core of every decision you make. 

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Unilever's powerful ad campaign for Lynx. The  Lynx brand has always been about empowerment and portraying an image of the 'lynx man' or the 'lynx effect'. However this campaign is completely different from anything I've seen from the brand before. 

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