My Genius Plan to Take on 12




This year i'm attempting to stay fit and and be more consistent with regards to fitness, usually I am a buggar for dipping in and out of my routine.

So in January I began getting back to the gym and toning up again after the christmas binge. My aim was a minimum of 5 days out of 7 to at least do some form of activity even if i could only squeeze in half an hour after work or doing some some yoga or something at home to get those good old endorphins flowing. 

All was going pretty well! I felt better and less sluggish and I wasn't setting my self up for a fail by setting myself crazy unachievable goals of a million hours of exercise everyday. 

So I figured while I was already starting to run again that what better way of staying committed than signing up for Take on 12, again I could work it around my own time and raise awareness and money for a great cause in the process.

Perfect. Plan set. I signed up straight away - all enthusiastic and all that, raring to go. My 'everyday hero' page was already to go, when later that week I managed to damage about 4 ligaments in my foot and ankle! Never before have I sprained, broken or really damaged anything that has left a lasting affect until now! Typical! 

You can find my Take on 12 page here, unfortunately my process to date is not moving as fast as I'd have liked! So I'm out of action at the minute but I'm two physiotherapy treatments down, another two scheduled for next week and slowly beginning to walk on my right leg again! 



I will be back at it in no time... She says! 

Until's my favourite part of my wardrobe (I'm that person that walks around in nike tights to do my supermarket shop - whether I'm off to the gym after or not.)