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Get FIIT, stay FIIT, look FIT: How I found my 'IIT'.

The hardest part about working out is showing up, am I right or am I right? Exercise – you either love it or hate or like me you love it once you get about 20 minutes into it. My very bumpy relationship with exercise remains just that to this day even when I don’t exercise for a while it is still a huge part of my life. Let me elaborate. 

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The Ordinary Serum: The Best Fiver You'll Spend This Week

My names Mel ( another Mel, yes very confusing - apologies in advance!) and I'm a Lifestyle, Blogger.  I often talk about everything from travel, food and life lessons on my site! Today, I've teamed up with MLSNCLR to take you guys through my thoughts on these widely talked about face serums. 

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You matter! 10 Free Ways of Looking After You

When we think of wellness we tend to think of our physical health, we do so much to make sure we are doing everything possible for our bodies – working out, eating our 5 a day (most of the time), making our morning latte a skinny. But now we are more aware than ever that our physical selves have an impact on our mental health and wellness but are we taking much notice?

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Unilever's powerful ad campaign for Lynx. The  Lynx brand has always been about empowerment and portraying an image of the 'lynx man' or the 'lynx effect'. However this campaign is completely different from anything I've seen from the brand before. 

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My Genius Plan to Take on 12

This year i'm attempting to stay fit and and be more consistent with regards to fitness, usually I am a buggar for dipping in and out of my routine.

So in January I began getting back to the gym and toning up again after the christmas binge.

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