Let's Talk Curly Matters

It's taken me around 25 years to make peace with my curly hair. It's only over the past year and a half that I have purposely worn my hair curly for the world to see, which I think is probably pretty common these days for girls like me. 

For years now I have straightened my hair daily, shredding every stipe of moisture out of my curls and overtime damaging them to what I thought was: the point of no return. Although I was straightening my hair to make it 'better', make it look the way I thought I wanted it to I was damaging it without giving it any TLC at all. I never had good cuts or treatments at hairdressers because I thought no one could handle my crazy curls and I was petrified that they would give me a crew cut and send me on my way. Finally, my hair is back and no matter how busy I am I give it the love it needs! I think the biggest shift in my attitude towards my curls has come from more and more influencers, industries and media showing more appreciation towards curly hair. 

Finding products and hairstyles for your hair after 25 years of not having a clue can be difficult, to say the least! So I figured I'd share my experiences and inspirations with people who might, like me, be just finding their curls! 

Curl Activating 

These are my current favourite products for day-to-day 'styling' I use styling in the loosest sense of the word as I honestly don't do much (another bonus) trying to keep the business ticking over, keep in touch with work, raise a baby, keep fit, stay up to date with my group chats ...all that standard stuff means not spending hours straightening my hair is literally giving me life.

Curly Styled

Sometimes, I must admit I'm still unsure about my wild hair when it comes to going out or looking classy ( I still think my curls make me look 13 in my head, probably because the last time I wore my hair naturally I was 13...) So to differentiate between night curls and day curls I'll help define them with the below! 

Straight Hair, Don't Care

These products are what I use when I fancy bringing out the alter-ego and wanna go straight. Again these are products I've found to work for me and my type of curls after much trial and error. To boost my straight hairstyles I try to have a hydrating treatment with my hairdresser every 6-8weeks, I also do my own 'home DIY' hydrating treatment using the products below every 1-2 weeks. Looks a little Wella mad, however, these are what my hairdresser uses on my hair and I am yet to find something that smells as good and which my hair reacts as well to.

Also, to keep my hair flexible, I avoid cuts that will only suit straight or curly styles, I spoke with my hairdresser in regards to keeping my style pretty fluid, (eg. not too many layers - although this helps keep curls bouncy, with the length of my hair straight it can look a little too choppy, I do however tend to have a bit of feathering around the front as a compromise that gives a similar effect by compliments both!)

My Current Hair Wish List

The products below are my current compilation of products that I am yet still to try! My hair is still changing loads and as I'm trying to grow the length more I'll probably always be exploring new products and styles with my curls! 

Please note - although these products are 'ads' they are 100% tried and tested and are all my absolute recommendations that are still very much in my hair kit at home. (obviously other than my wish list) A girl still gotta hustle guys! :) However! I can't end without shouting out my curly idols! I hope that in sharing my experiences, I help some of you fellow curlies out there! 

My Ultimate Curl Idols

Photo:  Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Lana Summer


She will bring you all the advice and tips you need to grow your hair. Her hair journey is incredible. One of her most popular YouTube videos is "How to Grow Your Hair | Major Heat Damage + Curly Hair" which earned over 1 million views after it was posted back in March 2015. 

Photo:  Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Jasmine Sanders AKA Golden Barbie

Model and influencer.

This gorgeous girl has always been my curly hair crush. Especially having short hair she will inspire your curly styles for every possible length!  This LA-based model posted some great curly tips on this youtube video back in 2017.

Photo:  Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Daniela Santos

Content Creator/YouTube

This beauty is queen curly, another lady that will offer you amazing tips and tricks for your curls and her hair is unmistakably incredible. Her hair is pretty dark and convinces me to step away from the bleach when I'm tempted to try something new because her hair just looks so luscious and healthy. Disclaimer - this beaut is Brazilian, so some translation is required...but it's well worth it! Or maybe even look at it as a way of learning Portuguese!

Photo:  Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Rochelle Humes

TV Host, Ex-'Saturday' 

Rochelle has also begun embracing her natural curls and has diarised her transition back to the curly side on her Instagram account using the hashtag #CurlsLikeUsTransformation as well as becoming an ambassador for John Frieda's latest curly hair product line. 

She describes her motivation as being her little girl. Rochelle disclosed ' She [her little girl] said she didn’t like her curly hair, and it was different from everyone in her class. She wasn’t comfortable with that. I tried to explain to her that mummy’s hair is the same, and she had no idea that I had curly hair, which is a sign that she had never seen me with it. It was an eye-opener me, so I thought, "I’m going to do this for her to try and show her that we’re the same and that it’s a good (and nice) thing to stand out." Now, she has fully embraced her curls, which I love.' Read the full article here. https://www.byrdie.com/rochelle-humes-curly-hair-tips  

This resonated with me whilst I was pregnant, I loved the idea of my little one having curls like mummy but I wasn't loving my own!?  

Photo:  Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Nush Cope 


Another one who's Instagram will fill you with curly confidence. She also has a story highlight of curly tips! She's so down to earth and natural her whole vibe is just nice to have on your Instagram feed. 

For some inspo take a look at this post

I hope these ladies will inspire you as much as they did me!