21 Questions with Mel Adela

Mel kicks off 21 questions! I have so many inspirational friends that have made me who I am today ; so in order to share all this goodness, I’ve decided to begin a 21 questions series where each person will shed some info on themselves in 21 quick-fire questions but also hopefully offer comforting words, words of wisdom and many give you a giggle or two.

Successful travel blogger, mlsnclr guest writer, queen of digital and also my best friend. Mel has so much knowledge and experience to share with you guys, we thought we’d kick off our 21 question sessions with this absolute queen!

Name: Mel Adela Edward

Age: 28 years young

Occupation: SEM Manager

Travel Blog: https://mel-adela.com/

1 - What’s your favourite country?

Sri Lanka. I want to go back so bad, my grandad moved from Sri Lanka and I always wanted to visit. My first time I only saw the capital, Colombo and I wasn’t a fan. But I went back a couple of years after and travelled around the country and fell IN LOVE. From beautiful beaches to mountains of tea plantations. How can you not love the only country where you can find the largest mammal on land (elephant) and water (whale).


2 - Your Favourite city?

London ☺ That’s why I live here there’s always something going on plus the arts and culture. But city abroad - I LOVE new york.


3 - Something you always pack when taking a flight?

My vitamin e face serum, hand moisturiser and Carmex!


4 - Three words to describe you?

Adventurous, sociable, funny AF 


5 - Your biggest fear?

Wasps/hornets. I got stung by a swarm when I was young and ended up in the hospital with a swollen face


6 - Your biggest inspiration?

Cliche, but my mum. She taught me to never be afraid of change, new environments and stepping out of your comfort zone



7 - What’s your favourite food?

Devilled calamari (Sri Lankan style)


8 - What is your long-haul flight pastime? 

I watch movie after movie, the sadder the better, I love crying on the plane and moisturising my eyeballs 


9 - Best holiday read? 

The five people you meet in heaven is amazing


10 - Top 3 things on your bucket list?

Sky diving, climbing Machu Pichu and setting baby turtles into the sea


11 - Best life experience? 

We took an 8hour drive up the mountains in Cambodia and visited an Elephant sanctuary. I was surrounded by rescued elephants and it was literally the best day, my heart was so full.



12 - Worst travel experience?

In Myanmar, we took a sleeper bus (overnight bus) for 12 hours. I thought I was going to die. No one spoke English, the driver drove like a maniac and the aircon was freezing!


13 - The most adventurous thing you want to do?

Take a trip to the antarctic 


14 - Beach or City Break? 



15 - How do you handle jetlag?

I keep myself up until 9 pm- no naps allowed! Tea and caffeine all-day


16 - Your go-to airport outfit? 

 Tracksuit or leggings with a big top - comfy and trampy


17 - Advice for anyone wanting to go travelling?

Just.do.it. Never worry about the money because you will remember the experiences but not how much it costs


18 - Winter sun or summer sun? 

Summer sun, although winter sun is amazing too and super cosy. But the warmth is my climate.


19 - Backpack or suitcase? 

Suitcase, I tried the backpack life and its too hard to dig every time


20 - Best trip and why?

Bali- Singapore - Thailand. It was the first long trip with my other half and his first time in Asia. I got to fall in love with it again through his eyes and excitement.


21 - Favourite culture excluding your own and why?  

South American, I really want to visit South America it seems so vibrant and community-focused. Plus I love the music and food 😍