Unilever's powerful ad campaign for Lynx. The  Lynx brand has always been about empowerment and portraying an image of the 'lynx man' or the 'lynx effect'. However this campaign is completely different from anything I've seen from the brand before. 

Is it ok for guys to…be the little spoon? Cry? Wear pink? How has Unilever done a complete 360 on the usual type of campaign we tend to expect from Lynx but still maintained the same recognisable message. Lynx worked with its creative agency 72andSunny to study the common burning questions that Google are asked around men and modern day insecurities. 


After finding that in a world of labels and pressures to 'conform' Lynx found men were turning to google to ask questions that they weren't clearly weren't comfortable asking anyone else, it was then they decided that their would develop a campaign to try and help aid their prime consumers. 

Search data as a social lab: Uncovering the burning questions

LYNX and 72andSunny partnered with the Google team and took a deeper look into the Google and Youtube search data. 

"We wanted to see what men are insecure about and what their concerns about manliness are,”

- Rik Strubel, LYNX’s global vice president.  

On their findings, it was becoming apparent that men still feel a strong need to abide by the traditional and outdated ideas of what 'being a man' actually means. In order to give the campaign a voice, Lynx also brought onboard its partner organisation Ditch the Label to offer support and extra help with the more serious issues around life and wellbeing.

The campaign covers more than 30 popular Youtube topics, this includes everything from sport, to fashion and style, cooking and relationships. The message has quickly spread on social media with 1.3 billion impressions on social in the first 2 weeks, 2.3 million total views and has the backing of celebrity men such as Anthony Joshua and Wiley. 

The face of popular male influencers who not only appear to be icons to many men around the world but also appear to be strong dominate men at the top of their games really pushed the campaign to new heights. Using this and the power of social media and film, Lynx have been able to effectively reach young men around the world and really reflect the core message of the brand in doing so. 

A celebration of individuality, choice and ownership of your life - Lynx have put themselves at the forefront of change in today's society and real life issues that people deal with today by using data-driven insights to create something extraordinary, something that stands out and this is exactly what people want today. They don't need an boring ad that concentrates on hard selling a low cost item, people want to be encouraged to believe in your brand and know that you get them. 

“We were excited to see the videos grab millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares and likes, but for our team, the best part of the campaign was understanding just how eager young guys are to move on from antiquated labels. We’re going to intensify our work against bullying, against labels for men, and do our best to give a better voice to those issues,"

- Rik Strubel, global vice-president at LYNX.