It’s a LIE! - 5 Website Myths Debunked!

We’ve heard some crazy myths in our time; dogs can’t look up, don’t eat before a bath, the whole landing on the moon thing (oops!) but unfortunately there are many myths that affect small businesses to - especially online.

Why should we care? They’re just silly myths, right? Well, yes, but myths are often believed to be true - that’s until they’re debunked.

So, that’s exactly why we’ve teamed up with Mel Sinclair on this article to debunk some of them damn myths, which we are sick of hearing!

Roll the tape…


Myth #01: 

Having a website is expensive.

Let’s start with the most common myth of them all - website pricing. We hear so many business owners, who’ve avoided getting a website because “it’s just too expensive” and their business won’t afford it.

It’s understandable - websites can be expensive. In fact, rumours have it Nike’s global website cost in the region of £500k. But look, that’s Nike. They’re one of the biggest businesses in the world. Your website doesn’t need to be so pricey.

At Convertaroo, we’ve worked around this myth by simply offering a website at a small monthly cost. Roughly the same as a Gym membership or a mobile phone contract. This way you can have a stunning website and it can fit your budget - problem solved!

Plus, your website is essential. It’s like having another shop premises for the whole world to see. Let that sink in for a second - imagine having an amazing-looking shop front for the whole world to see! And for just £75 per month. You’d bite my hand off, right?

With all this being said, it’s safe to say this popular myth is exactly that - a myth.




Myth 02:

Once I have a website, people will start visiting

When you finally get your new website it’s an exciting time. But, the word doesn’t stop there. Having a website live doesn’t mean everybody will find you. It takes more work. With the incredible amount of websites on the internet, it can be tough for people to find a new website.

You need to get your website out there. There are many ways to do this; SEO, social media, email marketing and blog posting to name a few!

It will take some time, but once your site is easily found by the right audience, the leads will come rolling in.



Myth #03

My main website goal is to get as many visitors as possible.

Following up from the last myth, we have the goal of your website. Obviously, getting your website noticed online - like mentioned above - is a crucial factor to online success, but lots of visitors entering your website doesn’t mean you’re successful.

Firstly, we need to ensure the right people are visiting your website. These people are your target audience. If you run an online fashion boutique, but you’re attracting males aged 30+ then you won’t make many new sales. Make sure your website is in front of the right crowd. Advertise in the right places.

It doesn’t just stop there, either. Once you have the right audience visiting your website, there must be a strong call to action. Your call to action is what you want visitors to do, in order to becoming a new lead or customer.

Get this combination right, and you will be jumping for joy online!



Myth #04

Managing a website is too much work!

In fact, this myth isn’t completely a myth. It can be quite difficult to manage a website if you aren’t web-savvy.

There are many platforms available now, which make the website-building process easy for all abilities. The only issue about managing your own website is time - as a business owner, we don’t all have it.

So, let’s make it even simpler, right? How about having somebody do it for you? Ok, I know what you’re thinking - more money?! But no, because at Convertaroo, this is included in your website package - your own website manager.

We will take care of maintenance, amends and everything in between, which means you can focus on what you love - your business.


Myth #05

Your desktop website is more important than mobile

A myth that may have once been true, but now - completely false. In fact, we will go as far as to say it’s the complete opposite now.

A number of years ago something big happened - mobile surpassed desktop to become the main internet browsing platform. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s true, and with this being said, it’s crucial your website is mobile-friendly.

How can you check your website is mobile friendly? It’s simple - visit your website on a mobile device. If you have to start zooming in and pinching your screen then it’s an instant answer; your site is not mobile friendly.

However, it’s not just being technically mobile-friendly that’s a must now. It has to be easy to use and stunning too. It’s no use having a simple mobile version anymore. It’s 2018 - get with the times!


Final thought

So, there you have it - 5 website myths completely busted! Hopefully this article will relieve your mind from any fear of getting your business online. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive any longer.

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