The Moisturiser That Will Never Leave Your Side

This little find has been my absolute saviour. If like me you struggle with eczema or even just really sensitive skin in general, most of us will carry a moisturiser of some kind around with us as though it is an emergency source of oxygen. Handbags, glove compartment, purses, desk drawers, gym bags, you name it I have a moisturiser in each ready for any irritation that may be coming my way. 

Because of my eczema I'm usually a bit cautious of trying new skincare products out because most of the time they are too perfumed or too harsh. However this weekend I was forced into taking this risk as I had the attack of the skin irritation whilst in Barcelona. I often get skin irritation when I stay away from home, it can be anything from the weather change, the difference in washing powder from my own to the hotels and even... believe it or not.... the water. 

After being so unprepared for our weekend away I managed to run out of my usual cream and found myself ready to grate my skin away. So I took the chance and began layering on the body moisturiser supplied by our hotel.

Low and behold It was incredible! Soothing on my skin and smelt amazing without being overpowering or harsh. So It turns out I've stumbled upon a dream cream. I've used it everyday since and will be most definitely be using it as an excuse to return to Barcelona and stay at this incredible hotel again.