Simple Yet Effective. Why I love the iPhone Selfies on iPhone X Ad by Apple.


- Muhammed Ali

Showcasing the phones fantastic ability to take a 'selfie' is narrated if you like  - by the one and only Ali. His famous 'I Am the Double Greatest' Speech is pair with flashing head shots of people from every age colour and race. 

A simple idea with an ear-catching narrative - as soon as the ad comes on you are drawn to the tv from that unmistakable voice and while the expressions on the faces and speed of the changing shots capture your eyes. 

The short 38 second ad perfectly does the job without actually needing to hard sell anything. The brand is trusted and widely used by the population - they don't need obvious pushy advertising. Just a clever soundtrack, some amazing imagery and the term selfie. 

Be SMART about your video ads. Be Apple.