Desk Product of the Week

Everyone and anyone should have these with them all day everyday - at least working days! You don't even need to be at a desk, they're cheap, easy to carry around and small enough to throw in your bag or car. 

I've come to believe that water will actually cure a whole of problems if you drink enough of it. I - am one of those - with the majority who most certainly does not drink anywhere near as much water as I should do. 

When I drink more, as a person who suffers with eczema and naturally dry curly hair, I find my skin and hair feel less dry and healthier - even my eyes feel less tired from sitting at a desk and staring at a computer all day. Again from working with screens, I find I get a lot of headaches which also ease off if i'm properly hydrated!

Next Infuser Water Bottle - £8

Next Infuser Water Bottle - £8

Although they are just simple water bottles, literally the same as grabbing a glass out fo the cupboard and pouring a glass of water. However I actually find that having it sat next to me all day, with those little judgemental markers on the side, staring at you saying 'it is 12pm and you have taken a sip out of me since 8am this morning actually persuade me to guzzle more water and more consistently.

I'm quite aware that this sounds like crazy talk and how can you possibly feel judged by a piece of plastic. But don't knock it until you've given it ago. They will change your life!  

You're welcome ... in advance. :)