Workwear - On Shoot Style


Photoshoot day, usually manic, plenty of running around like a nutcase. Inside - sometimes outside. I learnt along the way that shoot day is never a normal 9 - 5 day. So believe it or not dressing for the occasion is sometimes as important for the people behind the camera as it is for the people in front of it. 

Not to mention - that there's always someone running around trying to get cool, classy 'behind the scenes' shots on that one day that you've not brushed your hair, you've got flu and your face looks more a like a shade of grey than any skin colour known to man. 

So as much as my hair is most likely going to be on my head due to either wind or general heat from all the lights  - I figures at least I can try make my functional outfit look decent enough for a few snaps here and there. 

Here's my go to photoshoot day essentials - 

  1. Comfy footwear! - On your feet all day in uncomfortable shoes is not the one. I've had these Nike Theas forever but for an all black outfit they are just perfect! Stylish yet functional! 
  2. Comfortable trousers - I always go for a staple black jean - obviously - smart yet comfortable.
  3.  Baggy Tee - Breathable - comfortable and I can be climbing around without a worry of flashing any flesh 
  4. Absolute essential accessory of life - a black bobble around the wrist!