Fighting Creative Block

Somedays you're bound to feel like the old creative juices just aren't feeling it and won't flow! Overtime I began to realise that inspiration comes from all sorts of places and it's interesting to see how different experiences and part of your life affect you in ways you wouldn't expect.


This made me realise that rather than waiting for the wall to show it's ugly head..  just live an inspiring life! Easy right? These are places I tend to find find the most joy, inspire my life and work and are pretty much what I live for.


  1. Music

I listen to music pretty much 80% of the day - walking the dog, at the gym, in the shower, falling asleep. I don't know what I would do in a world without music! I find it relaxes me when I'm stressed, I feel inspired by lyrics and it take my mind of the fact that I've been running on a treadmill for 45 minutes and I haven't gotten anywhere! 

My Current Favs 

Sinead Harnett for Chill / Bugsy Malone for Gym Motivation / 90's RNB Playlists or Bruno Mars- for Cooking

Bruno Mars Record

Bruno Mars Record

2. Travel

This is something that I've only really began to appreciate properly within the last few years I think. Actually taking more than just my polaroids home from my travels. Even a city escape for a few days teaches me more about myself and life than anything else in life! Being able to experience another culture and understanding what is out there in the world really puts life into perspective, makes you wiser and inspires you in so many ways. Our last trip was Italy for a long weekend where we spent time driving around the lakes and Milano.  When I came home I started dressing different, I felt inspired work wise simply from the vibe in Milan and I even began looking at my own surroundings differently. Don't ever stay still! 


Weekend Travel Tips

Weekend Travel Tips

3. Books

It doesn't need to be pride and prejudice. Just whatever you're into! Especially if you're a writer! Even coffee table books, I'm quite a visual person so even just looking at inspiring imagery is good for me. I never realised what a difference they make and how good they are for creative people! 

My next purchase

4. Time away from the desk 

Sometimes you've just got to stop! Sometimes you can get a little bogged down and even though theres always plenty to be doing - in order to move forward you have to step back for a minute in order to look at things from a different angle and assess the situation differently. This point also connects quite well to wellness, you can't think clearly and work effectively if your head is simply too full. Clear your mind and concentrate on one task at a time. In my dinner times I tend to walk - usually somewhere new If i can find somewhere even just for half an hour - it's probably the best hump day cure i've found. 


5. Have a social life

You can be a workaholic - within reason. But don't forget about the people that make life worth living because you might find that the reasons you began working so hard in the first place soon disappear. Going out and spending time doings stuff was my biggest lesson learnt rom my intern-ing days of living in a big city. Every night I found that I would go somewhere after work - I'd never head straight home, even just for half an hour. Every day off I'd take myself somewhere to see something new or different that I hadn't done before and these are now the stories that I tell and the times I remember. Meet people, share experiences and learn from the people that you are surrounded by! If you have a minute to listen to people you'll be amazed by the things you learn.