Must See Fashion Documentaries

Fashion was once something that could only ever be witnessed from the outside. However, in recent years we have seen more houses reveal inside glimpses and footage of what the fashion world is actually like. If you are in need of some inspiration or some films to binge watch, take a look at these must-see fashion documentaries. 


Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue (2016)

A BBC Documentary that gives us a glimpse inside the world of the British Vogue magazine. This documentary features a Mario Testino photo shoot as well as an appearance from the one and only Kate Moss. Not to mention a look into the workload that's put into creating each issue.



The story behind the great and eccentric Iris Apfel. From her work within the fashion industry to her inspiration and thoughts behind her unique style. With a unique personality to match, Iris is an inspiration, catch the documentary on Netflix.


Dior and I

Dior and I, follows Raf Simmons and his first collection for the classic fashion house. The documentary lets us see the process behind every fashion houses runway show. From the initial design to the end result. If you love haute couture make sure to watch this on Netflix.


Jeremy Scott: The people's designer

An interesting watch that highlights, that ambition can take you anywhere. From a small town boy to a designer at Moschino. This documentary provides insight into his life and how he got to where he is. Not to mention a lot of celebrity cameos, make sure to add this to your watch list on Netflix.


The True Cost

An eye opener for any fashion lover. This documentary explores the damage fast fashion has on both the environment and developing countries. Not the prettiest of fashion documentaries but definitely an interesting watch to educate people of the effects of throwaway fashion. Make sure to watch this on Netflix.


The September Issue

A must for any vogue lover, behind the scenes of the biggest issue of the year. An old documentary but certainly a classic.