Sportswear Brands You Need to Know About!

With the Rio Olympics taking place at the moment. There has been a huge focus on athletes and their incredible abilities. But behind every athlete there is a great kit needed to succeed in.

Sportswear’s in comparison to normal fashion is incredibly innovative with brands such as Nike and Adidas leading the market with technology advances. While we could talk about the sportswear brands we know and love for ages, we have gathered together the best up and coming active wear brands to keep an eye out on.

Every Second Counts

A brand that focuses on a healthy body, mind and lifestyle. The company realises that everyone is different when it comes to there body and the way they workout so offers a variety of products and collections. All products use high performance fabrics and still manage to incorporate some beautiful designs.

Alternative appeal

A yoga inspired clothing brand that makes you feel and look stylish while working out. The brand uses a lot of eye catching bold prints while also using innovative stretch technology in its clothing. Making your workout comfortable and convenient for everyday wear.


Vie Active

A high performance active wear company that is durable, practical while still looking great. There product range is vast and is categorized into activity to make whatever you do as comfortable as possible to give you the most effective result. They also use the highly innovative fabrics which are stress and sweat tested.

Bjorn Borg

A Swedish sportswear brand that focuses on innovative active wear with a bold twist. The brand has a wide range of products within its active range from clothing to accessories. With its main clothing inspiration coming from traditional body armour and helping to keep the body protected while working out.



A very new yet exciting brand who are dedicated to creating the highest quality athletic wear. There brand ethos is simple yet effective and aims to support, encourage and inspire athletes who want to improve and face challenges. The brand is still up and and coming so keep an eye out for more.

Melissa Sinclair