Introducing ZENTA..

The New must have wearable technology by Vinaya.

Wearable technology is definitely the forefront of the future with sleeker designs and with more fashion brands wanting an input, its no surprise it’s a growing sector that is not slowing down any time soon.

Worldwide, 21 million units of wearable technology were shipped last year, a threefold increase on 2014, and that number is set to rise to 274.6 million this year. The most popular wearable technology focus much more on health and activity. However, more development is being focused on health and wellbeing due to it being an emerging consumer trend.

This is where London start up brand Vinaya comes in. Vinaya recently hit its crowdfunding target in just 41 hours to produce the ZENTA, the first wearable to improve your mind, body and emotions.

ZENTA is a cutting edge wearable that includes built in biometric sensors that can help you better understand the patterns in your emotional, behavioral and physical wellbeing. The brands aim is to help people deal with the distraction and stress of modern life and increase happiness.

 “The name Zenta was inspired by the desire to find moments of stillness – of zen – amongst the chaos of daily life,” Kate Unsworth founder and CEO of Vinaya.

ZENTA allows you to keep track of your activity, sleep quality and breathing patterns while being cross referenced against other data from your smartphone including social media usage, notifications, calendar and location to discover how these impact your emotions and mood throughout a period of time. Other features include fertility tracking as well as visual emotion sharing to express yourself to others.

Its aim is to help you become the best version of you and build better lasting habits with the longer its used, the more it benefits yourself.

ZENTA connects with its own app that is available on both IOS and android smartphone platforms, keeping track of your wellbeing. The app requires minimal input and collects information from you throughout the day and is there to give you guidance and pointers when you really need it.

ZENTA has a simplistic, minimal style that brings a very chic unique look to wearable technology.  It comes in three different unisex designs suitable for any look. ZENTA sport focuses on casual approach with a black silicone band whereas the other two options are black or gray genuine leather bands. All feature a scratch proof zirconia ceramic’s stone as the main focal point on their wearable.

The brand is no stranger to beautifully made wearable tech due to its previous Altruis collection. The Altruis collection focused on jewellery that helped manage stress and filter out digital noise. Making us connected to our smartphones yet prioritizing notification importance to let you live in the moment more.

The company has put in a variety of features into its new product ZENTA, yet isn’t stopping there. Future features that they want to incorporate into the sleek wearable is contactless payment, voice control, touch control (interact with devices and services) and city emotion tracking.

The wearable is made for everyday wear being both durable and water resistant. ZENTA is set to start shipping early 2017 at an rrp of £172 however can be bought for less on Indiegogo.

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