Best Fashion Christmas Campaigns 2016

With only a couple more days until Christmas, we've decided to round up our favourite Christmas, fashion campaigns for this year. So get yourself in the festive spirit with some of these amazing campaigns.



H&M has taken a cinematic approach this year, with their short video being directed by Wes Anderson. Also staring Adrian Brody the short film highlights the power of coming together at christmas time. 



Barbour has teamed up with the beloved snowman and snowdog this year. This definitely takes us on a trip down memory lane.



The quirky fashion designer has gone for a comical approach for her Christmas campaign. Plus it also features the sassiest of all the muppets, Miss Piggy.



Coach have created a new star this year, Rexy the dinosaur. Getting to watch Rexy let her hair down gives us all the inspiration for the Christmas break ahead.




A short film in honour of the fashion houses, 160th anniversary. The short focuses on the founder Thomas Burberry and gives us a glimpse into his extroidinary life.



Focusing on a traditional British Christmas for the luxury brand but with a twist. Instead of adult actors the whole thing is acted out by children. Highlighting Christmas can bring out the kid in us all!



Of course we couldn't forget our favourite! Mrs Claus, the M&S christmas advert is emotive and humourous, winning us all over. 



Which Christmas campaign has been your winner?