The Future of Fashion : Fashionable Tech

Fashion and innovation work hand in hand. We have seen an emergence of more fashion labels incorporating technology into their products and being able to transform tech products into trendy & stylish designs that can be worn daily. From Ralph Lauren creating a solar powered jacket to Rebecca Minkoff's wearable tech jewellery range. Its something that isn't going to be disappearing anytime soon. With our love of innovation and fashion we have put together our favourite items from smart fabrics to wearable technology that you need to know about.


The Unseen

A london based company that have produced a material that changes colour based on user interaction and its environment. The collection includes, a backpack, scarf, phone case and more accessories to react to body temperature, touch, wind and sunlight. Creating a fully responsive, unique range.



A chic product that sends vibrations and light pulses to communicate to the wearer alerts from their phones & apps. It also has partnered with contactless payments to create a whole new world of simplicity for the user.  Another plus of this is the design and how its simple for everyday wear and that isn't obvious that its tech.



A classic leather tote with a very handy upgrade. This bag features a device charger, internal lights, two usb ports & a charging dock.  Again a fashionable & classic design that at first sight isn't obvious that it's tech.



A brand to watch when it comes to wearable tech. Their newest addition is Misfit Phase a smartwatch that looks like a normal analogue watch. This smartwatch tracks; steps, calories, sleep while also alerting you of notifications on your phone and a whole bunch of other handy functions. Not to mention the beautiful sleek design which makes us want one immediately.



A ring that focuses on wellbeing. Most wearable tech focuses on activity whereas this ring makes sure you are not only at your physical best but at your mental best too.  It analyses your daily lifestyle and emotions while looking at your sleeping patterns to help you get the most out of your day.


What are your thoughts on fashionable tech? Would you buy anything?


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