How to be more ethical in the fashion world?

The fast fashion industry, creates a tremendous amount of waste each year and not to mention the other negative effects it has on the environment. From co2 waste, harmful chemicals and to cheap labour. It's something that is a growing concern for consumers and brands alike. As much as we love to keep up with trends and change our style, its something we all need to be more conscious about. So we have put together a list of things that anyone can do to help the environment. 


Recycling old clothes.

Be that selling them on eBay & Depop to ensure they get some more wear out of them. Taking them to a charity shop or taking them to a recycling point. Many high street brands are encouraging this such as H&M who offer vouchers instore.


Can it be fixed?

We all tend to throw away clothes as they are easily replaced. But can it be easily mended or altered for it too last any longer. At Msinclair design we always encourage projects that help to mend broken clothing.


Taking more interest into where clothes/fabrics are made.

Its something must people don't think about, yet if they found out the conditions some of their favourite brands utilise in production it would be enough to scare anyone away. Fashion revolution is a great site to check out for more information.


Shopping less.

Instead of impulse buying, making sure you are going to wear it more than once. Consumer demand is high and creates the fast fashion brands we all love, but if we shopped less that demand would be cut.


Choosing brands with better ethical stances.

Not every one can afford to shop ethical as most brands tend to be more expensive. Yet their are high street brands who are changing the way they operate such as H&M.  Our favourite ethical brands are Stella McCartney, Made, Reformation as well as H&M conscious line.