Minimal fashion: The brands we love

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
— Hans Hofman

As much as we love fashion and to try new trends each season. There is one approach to fashion that we love the most. That is Minimalism.  Minimalism is all about taking things back to basics and creating an effortless and chic style which is far from boring with the use of clever cuts, textures, tailoring and so on. A minimalistic approach in fashion has become increasingly popular, with more brands focusing on a clean aesthetic.  So we have put together our favourite minimalist fashion brands below!



Everlane is an online retailer that was founded in 2010. They are the go to brand for minimal wardrobe essentials and are great for giving us more transparency into the fashion/retail world.



Cos is pretty much every minimalist lovers dream. Rich colours, reinvented classics with a modern approach. They create pieces that are supposed to last beyond one season.


House of Sunny

House of Sunny creates tailored basics which focus on a clean aesthetic with simple silhouettes. The brand perfectly portrays minimal chic with the right amount of detailing not to mention their  predominately used neutral colour palette that works every season.



Finery is known for its contempory designs and isn't afraid to use colour. Its new forever pieces collection includes some timeless minimal pieces that can easily create a staple wardrobe. 



A.P.C combines Parisian style with a minimalistic approach. The brand focuses on being able to build clean outfits using its products whilst also providing a variety of styling options due to its simplicity.


Calvin Klein

If theres one brand that is the master of minimal cool, that is Calvin Klein. Known for their modern, seductive and stripped back style. Calvin Klein is a brand that utilises minimalism in a tailored & sophisticated way, plus nothing beats their iconic 90's cami dress.