Vinaya Technologies


MARKET: Wearable technology, wearables, fashionable technology, wearable devices, fashion electronics. Smart electronic devices (electronic device with micro-controllers) that can be worn on the body as implants or accessories.

COMPANY LOCATION: Company Based in London UK.

Work Completed in Sheffield, UK. 

Vinaya is a start up company based in London UK. Vinaya provides lifestyle-enhancing technology products to the world, working on using technology to cure its customers of being strapped to their mobile phones, tablets and computers. 

TASK: New 'Zenta' product launch, a wearable piece of technology that not only allowed customers to understand their physical wellbeing but also their mental and emotional wellness too. Here I worked on customer and client engagement with mainly UK and US customer base during a huge launch period over the course of a few months.

I completed 40 hours per week for the brand and all the work was completed during night shifts in order to cover some of the US time zones. We used Indiegogo, Live Chat, Email Communications, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram whilst ensuring effective digital communications with our potential customers.  The complete launch was a huge success following a long and powerful marketing campaign for the launch of the new tech product for a new start up company. 


The launch attracted the attention of people like Forbes Magazine, and really catapulted Vinaya onto the map.